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Trade crypto like a pro with our fully automated trading bots

The best trading bots on the market set up in minutes and three easy click-by-click guided steps

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crypto trading bot hilbots
crypto trading bot for huobi
best crypto trading bot hilbots

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crypto bot trading hilbots

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Copy on the largest and most secure exchanges in the world

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How does it works

Copy trade using our high performing bots in three easy steps


Select the bot you want to use 

Select the trading strategy you want to copy



select the max amount for bot usage on your exchange


Select your exchange

Connect your favorite exchange among those supported and let the bot work for you 24/7 with absolute safety, we will never ask you to send us crypto


Why use 

 HilBots strategies

Trade without emotions and maximize your profits over the long term regardless of whether the market goes up or down thanks to our automatic HilBots trading bots based on AI algorithms that have consistently outperformed the market for over two years.

100% secure crypto trading bot and trading bot
absolute safety

100% secure transactions on your exchange, our platform does not hold your funds, we only send alerts so that your exchange can buy or sell.

trading always active for you thanks to our fully automated trading bot
trade without interruption

our bots work fully automatically 24/7 don't miss any opportunity to have time for yourself.

long term profits crypto trading bot
long-term profits

our strategies are tested and used over the long term to be confident in their algorithms and their abilies to be profitable.

How much does it cost 

We offer a subscription that fits your budget so that everyone can benefit from our solutions. Start now for an affordable price and copy a bot on your own exchange.

Start now copying a bot for:
per month

• Unlimited copy trading 24/7

• choose the exchange of your choice

• possibility to change exchange

• long and short copy trading

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the advantage of using a trading bot over trading by hand?
    A trading bot has no time constraint and can trade 24/7, it is not subject to emotions and can make money whether the market is rising or falling, the performance of our bots is completely transparent, so you can choose the bot that suits you according to the profits and the risk you accept to take.
  • Can I use multiple bots?
    Yes, you can have multiple bots per HilBots account connected to the same exchange
  • Can I change my bot or stop my subscription?
    Absolutely. you can change your bot or stop your subscription at any time.
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